Nazareth House, Cape Town

Sometimes, it is not so easy to find an orphanage where they will let you simply go and play football with the children.

There are all kinds of logistic and policy rules to follow, background checks, board voting, etc…

And sometimes, when we are accepted, we must decline as there are some of our own conditions too.

We would like to play with the children and take photos to show all of our wonderful donators and the privileged children back home and around the world how lucky they are.

In Cape Town, we were all set to visit the Khayelitsa centre that is being helped by both GrassRootsSoccer and Football For Hope.

Unfortunately for us, fortunately for them, the children would not be there as they were participating in an AIDS awareness project.

We decided to find an alternative and were rewarded handsomely!

Nazareth house, set in a wonderful complex with one of the most spectacular views of Table Mountain and the bay, has children with all kinds of disabilities as well as some with HIV.

On this marvelous day we were joined by Patricia and Sandra, who we had met in Mozambique and who had begged to help.

We have been to all kinds of places on this FBS journey, but, this was the first place where we got to see special needs children and find out more about how they are helped.

it was one of those perfect sunny mornings where there is a certain magic in the air and there are no awkward moments.

One of those times when everything just flows harmoniously and there is nothing getting in the way. Even the fights between the kids, just part of it all.

Even when one of the girls fell over in her wheelchair in her autonomous attempt at negotiating a small rise, was everything perfect.

Sandra, open-mouthed trying to save the toppling chair, in vain.

Her shocked and horrified expression quickly reverting back to her normal smile as everything was fine.

What was most amazing was to see how much better they all became as they became more confident and tried more often…

They were sunflowers turning towards the sunshine of our attention…and the beauty of it was that it was reciprocal!

It was one of the most “in the present” days of my life.

It is absolutely incredible what the human body is capable of, especially when nurtured.

Thank you!

And here is a little letter from them: Thank you – Football Smiles nazareth House


One Response to “Nazareth House, Cape Town”

  1. Chandra Says:

    Blessings were showering on you and those kids….Well done!! Lucky Sandra and Patricia!! Un abbraccio xx

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