Seeing Action

26 Operations and still fighting, still not seeing.

Dorah is on her way, leading, showing that everything is possible even when you cannot see the way.

Nothing we have ever seen comes close to what we had the honour of living today.

Children of Fire.

Survivors, fighters, children who gave us smiles today…smiles we will never forget.


Sometimes we have to remember how lucky we are and give thanks and share.

Today is one of these days.

Share means ACTION.

What can you DO to help these children smile?

Do you know somebody that is in Johannesburg?

A visit to the centre in Melville might just be an unforgettable gift.

Do you know of a place where they operate on fire survivors?

An email can turn into an operation that will give new life to a survivor…

Survivors of a different caliber.

Johannesburg, South Africa…

Much more than just World Cup 2010

FootBallSmiles with the children thanks to help from friends and supporters all over the world.

Thank YOU Dorah for opening our eyes today.

May medicine catch up with you and open yours!


One Response to “Seeing Action”

  1. Children of Fire Says:

    Dorah can see light with one eye. Without light she would have no diurnal rhythms and would be like a prisoner in solitary confinement. It’s a shadow world, but shadows are essential.

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