Cura Orphanage

Happy Nairobi Kids have stayed with us all as we continued our journey.

After a few days we were ready for the next FootBallSmiles Day!

This time, it was an orphanage located on land donated by the Anglican Church of Cura village.

Once again, we borrowed Isaac from Dee and were very happy that we had as he got so involved he even played!

He even gave some pennies to a street kid when we were stopped at a traffic light…

After a long drive and a few missed turns (there are not that many street signs once you get on red dirt roads), we reached the top of the hill and a church right out of another era…and country!
It could have been in any small English town!

Two boys courteously opened the gate and ushered us in.

We walked passed the stained glass windows and stone walls and found a mini village!

The main building, which houses the 23 girls and 27 boys, an infirmary which acts as the local hospital, a barn with chickens and a cow, a class room and a storage building.

There is a football field, a playground and a medium sized garden all tended by the staff.

What a difference from Happy Nairobi Kids! This is where they would like to be if they get enough help from everybody…

The children are children of course and it took them very little time to warm up to us and take our hands and clown about for pictures as we were given a tour of the facilities.

They have looms to make carpets with, but, have run out of yarn.

They have computers that were donated from Canada, but, they don’t work that well so they have to use the parts to make a few that do work.

So many things that are good, so many things that can still be improved… where to begin?!

Conscious that our mission is much more in the present, we proceeded to create endorphins in the brains of all of the children.

We FootBallSmiled the afternoon away in the overgrown grass, avoiding the stooping woman who was “mowing” with her machete. Once, the ball hit her and she proceeded to kick it with her military boots…hilarious!

A goal was scored.

The explosion of joy, the mad dash of exhilaration, the jumps and whoops were overwhelming!

What a celebration!!!

The conceding team, immediately huddled in earnest, placing blame, arguing…

Oh no!

The other side of sport, where there is a winner there is also a loser.

Or is it really true????

After the huddle, they emerged much more united and determined.

We felt that we had witnessed an instant growth moment!

They returned with renewed zest and equalized within minutes.

At the end, a winning goal was to mark the end of the game, so one team did lose and one won.

However, we made them shake hands in true fair-play manner and left with the conviction that one team had won the game while both teams had won on many fronts in life.

As a goodbye gift they sang “He’s got the whole World in His hands” and we left moved and moving…


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