Montmartre, Paris March 31st, 2010

Just arrived in Woodstock.

Woodstock hostel, that is.

Yes, Footballsmiles travels as economically, ecologically and socially as possible, more balls for the kids!

Thanks to donations, low-cost travel, family, friends, Tripping and Couchsurfing as well as hostels, this is all possible.

After 5 weeks of non-stop travel and Footballsmiles promoting, I am beginning to feel it!

Only 15 days to go before leaving from Ibiza for 90 days of smiles and footballs!

San Francisco and Northern California with a neat mention in the San Francisco Chronicle and the blessings from family and friends as well as teaming up with

London for excellent meetings with different potential sponsors, more fantastic friends and with Jay DeMerit of Watford and the US National Team!

Zurich at the FIFA headquarters (check out the photos!) More enthusiasm from friends and ex-teammates in the whole of Switzerland, where I played and coached for most of my crazy career!

Now in Paris for Easter and to see grandmother, uncle, aunt and sister as well as friends.

Ibiza on Sunday for the final meetings with Jordi and Vanessa for local fundraising before the departure on the 15th of April.

We now have the official Non-Profit Bank Account to make donating even easier:

By bank transfer:

Footballsmiles CIF: G57657579

07810 Sant Joan, Ibiza, Spain.

Account number: 2051 0246 5 4 1070003147

IBAN- ES48 2051 0246 5410 7000 3147


So many thanks to everybody!

Smiles in Football!


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