Hello everybody!


The title is right… I am overwhelmed by the response we are getting from all of you wonderful people!

It is a strange adventure we are embarked upon… the voyage not really beginning until next month, the trip having begun so many years ago when we set our intention and made a firm promise to go to Africa in the year of the World Cup in Africa, no matter what.

We are certainly privileged or lucky or a bit loco to be able to fulfill a promise 20 years later!

As the ball has begun to roll, we have discovered that we have bitten off so much more than can be chewed in one sitting!

Website, web design, itinerary, visas, blog, photos, contacts, orphanages, idp’s, tickets, balls, transport, etc… the list never ends and we haven’t even begun yet!

So, now in early, er, (yikes!), mid-March, we have our tickets to and from Africa!

Addis Abeba it is!

Meanwhile, Jordi is finishing the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage to gain spiritual blessings for our voyage and I am doing an awareness awakening whirlwind tour of California, London, Switzerland and Paris, before we join our efforts in one last fund-raising rush on Ibiza in early April!

At the moment we have plenty of children to donate footballs to in Ethiopia and Kenya, a few contacts in Tanzania, Malawi and Mozambique. Still no contacts in Zambia, Zimababwe, South Africa, Lesotho or any of the other surrounding countries… If any of you can help, please contact us!

We have also been kindly invited to extend our trip to Namibia… We are still considering whether we can fit it in.

Of course, there is only one thing to say, “We are deeply touched by the interest and generosity of each and every one of you! Thank you!”

If you happen to join our facebook fan page, we have tried to say thank you in almost every language…of course, if we have missed yours, please feel free to post it on our wall!

Footballsmiles to you!


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