FootBallSmiles…giving footballs to children

Africa 2010:

A non-profit endeavour to donate footballs (soccer balls) to African children in person. A voyage from Europe to South Africa in the year of the World Cup 2010. To share the joy of football with the children of countries which have not qualified for the tournament. To share a football game and a smile together. FootBallSmiles….When the children play!

About us:

Two football loving childhood friends fulfilling a pact made in 1990. Jordi and Melchior from the small village of Sant Joan de Labritja in Ibiza, Spain.

Jordi is an ardent fan of FC Barcelona as well as world football. He has seen games all over the world and the highlight is watching 3 games in the 2006 World Cup in Germany.

In his spare time he volunteers coaching the young players of the village. His love of children and rapport with them make him a favourite with all kids, costing him some back problems from playing with them too much.

He has never been to Africa, but has been to South and North America, Asia and Oceania.

As part of the local organising commitee in the village festival, Jordi is a communicator and organiser with a contagious enthusiasm and a knack of getting things done.

Melchior is a retired football player and coach who has travelled extensively thanks to football.

He has worked in different capacities in Europe, South Korea, India and Bolivia and his passion is to play football with children everywhere.

Melchior is a natural communicator and his talent for learning languages always produces a smile on the faces of the locals.

Tunisia, Madagascar and South Africa are already on his list of places visited, but, his curiosity and adventurous spirit are still looking for more cultural experiences.

What better way to do this than by playing football with local children and donating the footballs afterwards?

“This is a long-awaited adventure coming to reality!”


2 Responses to “FootBallSmiles…giving footballs to children”

  1. footballsmiles Says:

    Getting all of the details ready… Website coming soon!

  2. Sarah Says:

    I stumbled upon your new project on an automated LinkedIn suggestion to ‘connect with people I know’, and think it’s a wonderful way to relate to and help children in Africa. I’ve asked my good friend Kathy who has worked for non-profits in Tanzania and Malawi, and whose partner has worked in South Africa, about anyone she knows in the countries you are still missing contacts. When she gets back to me, I’ll post the contacts to this site. Good luck with everything and congratulations.

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